Founder – Ekta Ohri

Amay and mom

Ekta has a background in architecture, anthropology and visual and critical studies. She has several years of experience designing products, services, spaces and systems, to address business and social innovation challenges of multilateral, bilateral, non profit and corporate organisations worldwide. She has worked across sectors (education, healthcare, financial services, agriculture) in India and other emerging economies, and has been particularly focusing on early grade reading related issues over the last 3 years.

More importantly, she is a mother of a 5 year old and has been passionately reading to her son since he was 3 months old. She has been engaging him at home without any gadgets or other screens and raising him to become a nature lover and a responsible and considerate child!

Advisor – Mrs Perminder Dutta

Mrs Dutta 20160722_001253  A pioneer in ‘School Readiness’ and ‘Strengthening of Primary Education’, Mrs Perminder Dutta has more than 45 years of experience in primary education. She has been the founder of K.V Airports Authority of India, Rangpuri. With an academic background in english literature, sociology, and education, she has written numerous papers on subjects, such as ‘Parenting and Child Responsibilities, ‘Getting Ready for School’, and ‘Child Friendly Initiation to School’. Mrs Dutta also holds a Fulbright award for Development of Cross-Cultural Understanding and English Literacy.