White Flowers and Black Night

20161025_182646It was 6 pm and children were walking into the playground one by one after their afternoon naps, only to realise that the swings area where they typically play was pitch dark. Winter has not set in properly in this part of the world, but the days have definitely become shorter. Thus, the decision to abandon the main park and migrate to a smaller one engulfed by buildings shimmering with Diwali lights  was made as soon as we sighted our friends. After playing one or two rounds of ringa ringa roses, all children started flocking to their mommies as it was no fun playing in the dark.  As the boredom on their faces was quite evident, I looked around to find other ways to engage them. While hardly anything was visible in the dark, the striking contrast of white flowers strewn on the dark ground caught my attention and theirs.
20161025_182312.jpgI encouraged all children to start collecting and lining them on the polished granite planter surface. Running to different ends of the park and reuniting with flowers at the same spot suddenly became a fun game to play. A 4 year old boy was told to count all the flowers as and when different children kept bringing them to him. When the pile accumulated to more than 15 flowers, a 4 year old girl was concerned about guarding them to not let them spill on the ground. While a 2 year old boy started throwing them on the ground, a 2 year girl started picking them up and putting them back in place.

ma-1While fighting for the same flower, they were encouraged to say please to each other. When the small girl was not willing to put the flowers in the shared collection pile, the older girl convinced her to do so. At the end of it all, all children were encouraged to gift flowers to each others. Besides making new friends, an important lesson of sharing and caring was learnt through this simple act of group play. Most mothers also breathed a sigh of relief as they caught on their evening gossip with friends while their children were busy cleaning up the park.