Save the World – Fun Learning Games to Teach Eco-Friendly Habits to Kids (4-9 Yrs)


Save the World has 5 fun family games designed to build eco-friendly habits in children for a greener, cleaner and healthier planet! The environment related topics that the games address are Energy Saving, Noise Reduction, Waste Segregation, Reduce Trash and Carbon Footprint.

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  • The games also help in improving family bonding while learning all about ways of making Earth a greener, cleaner and healthier planet.
  • Contains 5 activity sheets, a high-quality reusable stickers sheet with stars for scoring points and a certificate, making the games interactive and exciting for children.
  • Additionally, the activity sheets will help your child learn maths in a fun way (counting for younger children and addition and multiplication for older children).
  • Packaged in an eco-friendly reusable canvas bag, Save the World family games also make for a great gift for kids on birthdays and other occasions.

4-9 Years

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