Pyare Jeevon Ki Pyari Paheliyan – A Riddle Book to Build Love for Hindi & All Living Beings (4 to 10 Yrs)


Pyare Jeevon ki Pyari Paheliyan is a Hindi riddle book, with 32 riddles and fun questions, to help the child develop a love for the Hindi language (reading and writing) and respect for all living beings, such as animals, birds, insects, reptiles, trees and plants. 

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Through the riddles designed in the book, children will learn about Hindi alphabets (vyanjans), matras and words in a fun way and develop an interest in reading and writing Hindi.

While solving the riddles, children will also learn about interesting behaviours and unique traits of different living beings.

Photographs of 32 living beings with fun questions have also been included in the book to help children better associate with all kinds of living beings as their friends, instead of fearing insects, reptiles, and some animals.

Outlines of living beings with boxes to write the answers to the fun questions will develop an interest in writing Hindi along with reading.

After solving the riddles, children can continue creating and playing such type of fun riddles with their friends and family to build true love for the language. 

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