My Gulmohar Tree – READ. EXPERIENCE. CREATE a Real-Life Story (4 to 8 yrs)

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“As Abdu became very fond of trees, he grew curious about other greens too. One Sunday morning, while grocery shopping with his father at the farmers market he asked, “Papa, do these vegetables also grow like trees?” “Why don’t you try it yourself and see? Do you want to grow some plants?” Abdu nodded with great excitement. 

Inspired by a real-life story, My Gulmohar Tree is a Lit-Tale you and your little one can read, experience, and create using natural and eco-friendly materials to build a love for nature (trees and other greens).

Recommended Age Group4 – 8 years


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My Gulmohar Tree is a story for kids about nature with experiential learning activities with art & craft using eco-friendly and natural materials to make children fall in love with both trees and greens (vegetables).

Includes a printed book to read and experience a nature story, a customised tree shaped book to create the story, and a set of cards to invent your own stories based on interesting facts about tree dwelling animals and birds.

Help your child become more observant, connect to nature, and instill new behaviours, such as love for trees and greens, to promote healthy eating habits and other values that protect our environment.

Build a love for reading in a unique way through this story for kids about nature and foster creativity (thinking and expression)  from a young age.

Learn about concepts such as Nature, Nurture, Living, Giving, Seasons, Greens in a fun and innovative way.

Read more about the inspiration behind the story

Read more about the beauty of the Gulmohar tree

Safety Warning

Small parts included, not suitable for children under 3 years without parental supervision.

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4 thoughts on “My Gulmohar Tree – READ. EXPERIENCE. CREATE a Real-Life Story (4 to 8 yrs)

  1. I bought this product as a gift for my 6 year old nephew. He really enjoyed the experience of putting his first book together. This product is a unique offering enjoyed by both kids and parents. The quality of materials is very good, and you don’t need anything outside the box to complete the book. It is an ideal product to keep kids engaged for hours, and also learn about nature in the process.

  2. I have spent the last few days fruitfully creating ‘My Gulmohar Tree’ with my almost 4 year old and the process has been delightful and surprising at the same time. The product uses the art of storytelling to educate us about the beautiful Gulmohar Tree and in process introduces children to concepts like how plants are nurtured, how they sustain us by providing food, things we use daily, the role seasons play in a plant’s life and the fauna which lives on the trees etc. All of this is done in such a simple way, that not only did my toddler understand it almost immediately, it also piqued her curiosity and encouraged her to be a bit more aware and curious about nature. All these concepts got revisited through a book which we co-created using simple craft activities. The cherry on the cake is the fact that all craft items are made of recyclable material.

    Park times have now become about collecting leaves and flowers, finding which plant flowers when and keeping track of all things which the plants give us. Its heartening to see this love for nature which The Gulmohar Tree has helped grow.

  3. My five and a half year old daughter really enjoyed this learning/reading cum creating process as she is in love with all the trees around her.

    My child learnt the complete cycle of Gulmohar tree in a playful way, right from the process of planting a seed to a fully grown tree which becomes a haven for different varieties of birds and animals.Yes reading her the story was so much fun and we both could create what we actually read.There are different pages in this kit and each page beautifully explains the life cycle of the Gulmohar tree and all the products used are natural and eco-friendly which is highly appreciated.

    A perfect gift indeed for the kids and parents alike. A very different and innovative concept to encourage reading habit among kids.Highly recommended.

  4. My Gulmohar Tree’ And I can easily sum it up in 2 simple words ‘Pure Joy’. The concept is brilliant & very unique. It all begins with a very interesting story book that teaches not just about the Gulmohar Tree but also touches upon emotions such as nurturing & appreciating the glory of nature. My 4 year old loved the visuals & also learnt about continents & seasons. Such is the expanse of the book.

    Once you’ve completed reading the book, the DIY kit is literally nothing like what I’ve seen before. Most of the elements are derived from Nature & very easy to use. My son enjoyed pasting with lentils and saw dust to make words & stamping to create a tree. A lot of the activities can be actually done outdoors, in a park. How cool is that? I also realised that the elements of the kit, promote tactile and sensory engagement even outside the parameters of the kit.

    Such an excellent idea to keep kids busy on a cold winter day, or even otherwise, to just keep their mind away from the maddening gadgets. Highly recommended by a very happy mom

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