Little Collector’s Passport

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For children between 3 to 15 yrs


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Includes a kids travel activity book and stickers book with flags and stamps of 48 countries, alphabets, numbers and stars to map domestic and international travel. Travel pouch to carry the passport and sticker book and a glue stick to paste travel tokens is also provided.

OBSERVE, THINK and CONNECT to nature and other real life surroundings by collecting and recording favourite travel tokens (from train tickets to flowers) and  experiences (domestic and/or international)

Learn about flags and cultural symbols (stamps) of 48 different countries to expand your worldview

Learn about Indian states and continents by mapping your domestic and international travel and country and state capitals

Keep a record of travel timeline and learn the concept of months (for younger children)

Build appreciation of different colours in your child to break cultural norms like pink is for girls

and much more…

Know more about the thinking behind the concept and design here

4 thoughts on “Little Collector’s Passport

  1. Awesome activity for kids. It’s very creative, educative while keeping kids off TV. My daughter enjoyed filling up her own passport.
    It’s an ideal gift for your child.

  2. I got this for a Christmas gift for my 4 year old daughter and she loved it. The LitJoys Collector’s Passport contains all the essential elements to teach the kids about the places traveled; it has placeholders for nature collectibles, coins and stickers for flags & stamps. The stickers are very attractive for the kiddos. Good kit to carry as you travel to keep kids engaged.

  3. This product is one of the best buys I had for my 3.5 year old. He was so excited to see this, as this a really colorful, and has amazing stamps from all around the world. My son, is able to interact with the places we travel now, right from the flag of the country, what did we see, what were the main areas, culture, food etc. The product is well made and quality is great and has become my son’s constant companion, so much so, I had to buy one for my daughter, who is 8 and now I think, i’ll buy more for gifting my friend’s kids. A must buy for any parent who wants their kids to have a deeper experience of the travel that they do and help parents to show the world in a more structured manner.

  4. I simply love this Lil Collector’s Passport. I bought one for my 6YO a couple of months back. It is an amazing way to engage children and reinforce knowledge obtained through travel. Comes with a cute pouch that holds the passport, stamps, stickers , glue stick etc.
    I have ordered my second one for my niece who is 6 years old. This is great for gifting. Unique and engaging.

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