Travel Diary – Activity Kit to Learn about a Country (5-9 Yrs)

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Travel Diary is an interactive personalised crafting activity kit to record your travel memories or learn about culture and symbols of a country of your choice.

List of Countries

USA . Canada . Brazil . Iceland . Russia . Holland . Tanzania . South Africa . Vietnam . Japan. China. Thailand . Turkey . Australia

Recommended Age Group5+ years

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  • This kids travel activity kit with art and craft activities contains a custom shaped travel diary made out of handmade paper. Everyday and natural materials to create and craft the book are also provided along with sticker sheets.
  • Learn about national and cultural symbols of a particular country and write your favourite travel memories while crafting the book.
  • Learn alphabets and words linked to symbols of a country
  • Enhance fine motor skills of the child while crafting this travel activity book
  • Record and relive your favourite travel memories while writing them down

View how kids across age groups enjoyed crafting their travel diaries at our Travel Diaries workshop


5 – 9  years

  • Product ships from Gurgaon
  • Delivers to most large cities in 2-5 days
  • For smaller cities, delivers in 4-8 days
  • This product is NOT returnable
  • Exchange only in case of delivery of the damaged product
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safety warning

Small parts included, not suitable for children under 3 years without parental supervision.

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 3.5 in

USA, Canada, Brazil, Iceland, Russia, Holland, South Africa, Tanzania, China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey, Australia

2 thoughts on “Travel Diary – Activity Kit to Learn about a Country (5-9 Yrs)

  1. My son’s 5th birthday was approaching and I decided to purchase the Travel Diary on Japan by LitJoys as I was looking to buy him something special. While he played with most of his birthday gifts only once or twice, he worked on his Travel Diary with me every single day for almost two weeks. There were days when he would ask “can we do page no. 6?” as soon as he woke up in the morning and there were days when he would try to buy more time before bedtime to work on it.

    What my son loved the most about the Travel Diary was that each and every page that we created was HIS expression. There is no template that forces him to present his thoughts in a certain way. Also, through the Travel Diary we both got a chance to relive our travel memories and have some very interesting conversations, which we probably missed while we were in Japan last year! The making of the diary gave my son an opportunity to ask all sort of interesting questions and discuss larger life concepts. Finally, what comes out as the output is his own interpretation of his travel experience – from the Mount Fuji he visited in the super fast bullet train to the extremely clean roads he walked on.

    As for me, I loved the fact that it provided me an opportunity to have constructive and creative conversations and gain additional knowledge along with my son. I did not know that the national bird of Japan is the Green Pheasant and looks like the Peacock of India.

    Thanks LitJoys for providing a very engaging medium to all of us to spend time together as a family.

  2. We just finished making our own Travel Diary on Mexico by LitJoys, which was much more than just a crafting book. It gave us a chance to tell and weave a travel story along with our child. The package provided all details, stickers, and applique materials to explain the culture of this country, their national monuments, animals, and flowers. The story is simplified for young kids and it is really up to parents on how much educational information to share with their kids.

    My baby Shannon is youngest of the LitJoys customers, she is only 22 months old, and could handle the craft work only with my help and supervision, but she really enjoyed handling tiniest pieces (e.g., using red bindi dots (also provided in the package) to trace the title of the book and page numbers – so great for fine motor skills.

    Thank you LitJoys for a wonderful and fun activity, we really enjoyed with our baby Shannon.

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