Hunt the Constellations – An innovative learning activity book about stars, nature and more (For children 3.5 – 9 yrs)


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Children will be able to hunt for 12 different constellations and learn about pattern recognition and numbers in an exciting and innovative way through this calendar-like activity book.

Children will be able to learn about many calendar related concepts like weeks, months, dates, festivals, etc using sticker sheets.

It will connect them to nature and enhance their observation skills through collecting and pasting flowers blooming in different months throughout the year.

It will also help them become more aware about nature related concepts like the four seasons, different weather types and air quality.

Specially been created for two age groups – children who can trace (4 to 5 years ) and children who can write independently (5 to 9 years).

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Weight .6 kg
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3.5 to 5 yrs, 6 to 9 yrs

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