City of Stars Calendar Book – 12 Real-Life Stories & 48 Experiential Activities (6-10 Yrs)


City of Stars is a story and activity book on sustainable living with 12 real-life stories, 36 activity pages and 12 calendar pages (starting from any month of the year) designed to engage kids through the year and bring behavioural change in them for a greener, cleaner and healthier planet!

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It was Diwali night. Abdu was watching his mother light diyas in the balcony of their home in Delhi. Suddenly he looked up and pointed at the sky…

Abdu: Mumma, look! Such lovely stars!

Mom: Those are firecrackers and not stars, Abdu. Stars twinkle and shine, but appear fixed in the night sky…

Abdu: Mumma, will I never get to see the bright stars and blue skies? Can’t we do anything?

Mom: If you want to see the bright stars and blue skies again, every month your habits must change, through the year follow and maintain, to your friends and family explain, remind them of the habits they need to sustain!”

  • Written in the form of real-life conversations between a child and his parents, the 12 stories will make children aware of small, yet consequential, lifestyle changes for a greener, cleaner and healthier planet.
  • The 48 activity pages are designed to make children fall in love with nature and become more aware of the environmental conditions in their city.
  • Through the calendar activity pages (designed to be used starting from any month of any year),  children will learn about many calendar-related concepts (year, months, dates, festivals, etc) and 12 different constellations.
  • Children can also record their experiences linked to the stories through creative writing and drawing and track and mark their own eco-friendly behaviours through the year with stickers.

6 – 10 years

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2 thoughts on “City of Stars Calendar Book – 12 Real-Life Stories & 48 Experiential Activities (6-10 Yrs)

  1. This is the most innovative book we have come across. My 7 year old really enjoyed the activities. He is also very eager to throw a zero-waste party after reading the stories. The book covers almost every topic linked to sustainability and explains it in the simplest manner. Highly recommended:)

  2. A wonderful interactive calendar book! It inspired us to attempt home composting and segregate e-waste. Now we have very little wet waste going out, mindful use of paper and change in recycling habits for plastic bottles and paper. The best part of the book is that you can start at any month and do any activity that you like. It certainly made a stargazer out of my daughter. We utilised the calendar page to track our recycling, visibility of the constellations, planets and moon phases.

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