City of Stars – A Storybook to Inculcate Everyday Eco-Friendly Habits (5-10 Yrs)


City of Stars is a unique storybook with 12 real-life stories for kids across age groups and their families on sustainable living.

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It was Diwali night. Abdu was watching his mother light diyas in the balcony of their home in Delhi. Suddenly he looked up and pointed at the sky…

Abdu: Mumma, look! Such lovely stars!

Mom: Those are firecrackers and not stars, Abdu. Stars twinkle and shine, but appear fixed in the night sky…

Abdu: Mumma, will I never get to see the bright stars and blue skies? Can’t we do anything?

Mom: If you want to see the bright stars and blue skies again, every month your habits must change, through the year follow and maintain, to your friends and family explain, remind them of the habits they need to sustain!”

  • Written in the form of real-life conversations between a child and his parents, the 12 stories on will make both children and their families aware of small, yet consequential, lifestyle changes for a greener, cleaner and healthier planet!
  • These stories will also get them closer to nature and help them become more aware of air quality and other environmental conditions of their city.

5 – 10 years

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3 thoughts on “City of Stars – A Storybook to Inculcate Everyday Eco-Friendly Habits (5-10 Yrs)

  1. ‘City of Stars’ is a beautiful book by LitJoys. I am impressed how they have tried to cover every topic revolving around sustainability, in one book. My daughter loves the Waste Segregation chapter because we are following the same at home as well. Every time we read she draws the three bins. We take one topic a day from the book. And this came right at the Diwali time being around the corner, this book surely help in starting conversations about noise and pollution free Diwali! Thank you LitJoys for curating this book.

  2. My 7 year old daughter Aarika, is in love with your book “The City of Stars”. The book was prescribed in her school Kunskapsskolan, Gurgaon around a year back. We bought it then and she regularly reads it. More so, she makes both us us, her parents, also indulge in the reading. Aarika becomes Abdu, and all of us recite the dialogues of respective mother and father.

  3. My 4 yo loves following Abdu’s adventures and journey of growth. The book presents some very tangible ways, children can help the environment- switching off lights, throwing a zero waste party, etc without dumbing down any concept.

    We especially love how Abdu notes every occasion he contributes to saving the planet by marking his calendar with a green triangle. The concept of how tiny, consistent actions over a long period of time are needed, and have power, is elicited beautifully.

    There are so many other subtle undercurrents of kindness, good family dynamics, gender equality, etc that makes this a very wholesome read.

    In short, a great book on saving the planet for kids.

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