Apple Food Menu – Health & Nutrition Activity for Reducing Junk Food Intake & Screen Addiction in Kids (3-9 yrs)


A fun and innovative, health and nutrition food game to promote healthy eating habits in children of different age groups.

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Most modern-day parents struggle to feed healthy food and instill healthy eating habits in their growing children. Apple Food Menu, a fun and innovative activity game designed based on a deep understanding of child psychology, enables change in habits of fussy eaters, helps reduce junk food intake and promotes eating of different fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

Not only focuses on WHAT TO EAT, but also HOW TO EAT by motivating children to eat a variety of healthy food types on their own, without wastage, and the best part, without screen time!

Contains a menu card classifying different food items, activity sheets that can be fridge mounted with magnets, and sticker sheets with apples of different colours and faces, making the game interactive and exciting. A scorecard and certificate provided acts as a further motivation for kids to change their eating habits.

Can be played for weeks together with siblings, parents or other family members and has a lasting impression by making children conscious about their food choices and eating habits. Extra game sheets can be purchased if needed.

Packaged in an eco-friendly reusable cloth bag, Apple Food Menu also makes for a unique gifting option and party favour.

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One thought on “Apple Food Menu – Health & Nutrition Activity for Reducing Junk Food Intake & Screen Addiction in Kids (3-9 yrs)

  1. I am really happy to see positive changes in my kids after introducing them to this fun apple food game. Kids learnt that not just eating healthy matters, but how they eat is equally important.There were times they fussed that will not eat this and that or would ask either of us to feed. But the moment they saw they’ll get black apple for that, they have started eating whatever is served to them happily. They were also excited to see how many red, yellow apples they earned. So this was another big achievement for me that I could say them to eat healthy so that they’ll earn more of red apples.

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