Super Kids of 2020

2020 was special! We received feedback from many parents around how our books and learning products are impacting the behaviours of their children. We decided to feature these kids as ‘Super Kids’ because of their super efforts towards making the world a better place like little Abdu of our books! 

Starting from 2021, we will be rewarding a super kid every month. He/she will get an opportunity to e-meet the author and receive an author-signed copy of an Abdu book. If you have a super kid at home, whose behaviour has been impacted by our little Abdu, please write to us at

Following are the few examples of how our books have impacted the behaviours of kids in 2020…

1. “The book City of Stars inspired us to attempt home composting and segregate e-waste. Now we have very little wet waste going out, mindful use of paper and change in recycling habits for plastic bottles and paper.”

– Hemruchi Shah, mother of a 6 year old

2. “I kept my old bicycle on rent so people could travel short distances without polluting the air.”

– Vivaan Bhushan, Grade 3 student

3. “Thanks to your book City of Stars, even my smaller one wants to throw a zero-waste birthday party.”

– Kamana Gautam, mother of a 6 and 4 year old

4.”Park times have now become about collecting leaves and flowers, finding which plant flowers when and keeping track of all things which the plants give us. Its heartening to see this love for nature which My Gulmohar Tree has helped grow in my 4 year old daughter.”

– Himani Bahuguna, mother of a 4 year old

5. “I had given up hope on my 5 yr old ever eating fruits and veggies…But this game has sparked an interest in her…even if it is to beat me and to get more red apple stickers, I am happy that she is getting interested in understanding about good eating habits and trying to improve.” 

– Trupti Tapasi, mother of a 4 year old

6. “I am really happy to see positive changes in my kids after introducing them to this fun apple food game. Kids learnt that not just eating healthy matters, but how they eat is equally important. There were times they fussed that will not eat this and that or would ask either of us to feed. But the moment they saw they’ll get black apple for that, they have started eating whatever is served to them happily. But the moment they saw they’ll get black apple for that, they have started eating whatever is served to them happily.”

– Sulbha Bathwal, mother of 5 year old twins