Joy-Filled Christmas

This Christmas bring joy to kids by gifting them LitJoys products linked to Christmas, Holiday and New Year season! Avail 10% discount (using COUPON CODE: XMAS10) for all orders above INR 500. Place your orders at

1. My Gulmohar Tree – Storybook with Experiential Tree

Read a nature story and create a personalised tree using natural materials

2. Little Collector’s Passport with sticker booklet (stamps and flags of 48 countries across the world) to record both domestic and past international travel experiences. Packaged in a bright and attractive satin pouch

3. City of Stars – A Unique Constellations Calendar with Story and Activity Book on Sustainable Living to engage kids throughout the year

12 stories on sustainable living + 48 experiential pages in the form of a calendar to make children fall in love with nature, learn about constellations and calendar related concepts as well as record their eco-friendly behaviours through creative writing and drawing.

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