Grandma’s Audio Stories (Nani ki Kahaniyan)

Bring Joy and Spread Positivity to Your Kids during the Current Pandemic Times

Grandma Stories! Most of us have grown up listening to them sitting on her lap or at bed time. As a 6 year old could not meet his grandparents for months together during the current lock down, his grandma decided to make constructive use of technology and her time to research, memorise, record and send audio stories to him everyday. When we discovered that listening to these stories over and over again is joyfully engaging him and many other kids for hours together, we decided to share them with the larger LitJoys community…

Story 1

Gittu Tota, Tinni murgi, Chuchu Chuha ( Gittu Parrot, Tinni Hen and Chuchu Mouse)

Story 2

Ghamandi Hiran (Proud Deer)

Story 3

Teen Dost – Khargosh, Lomdi aur Panda (3 Friends – Rabbit, Fox & Panda)

Story 4

Samajhdaar Chooha (Wise Mouse)

Story 5

Chaalak Sher (Clever Lion)

Story 6

Samajhdhar Bel (Wise Ox)

Story 7

Bhediya aur Bakri ke Saat Bacche (The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats)

Story 8

Nanha Tota aur Aam Ka Ped (Little Parrot and Mango Tree)

Story 9

Do Dost – Sher aur Baagh (Two Friends – Lion and Tiger)

Story 10

Jungle mein Bhalu (Bear in a Forest)

Story 11

Lomdi aur Hiran (Fox and Deer)

Story 12

Langda Ghodha (Lame Horse)

Story 13

Dhokebaaz Billi (Rookie Cat)

Story 14

Safed Khargosh aur Hara Tota (White Rabbit and Green Parrot)

Story 15

Sona ka Hathi (Golden Elephant)

Story 16

Nanha Tota (Small Parrot)

Story 17

Chaalak Lomdi (Clever Fox)

Story 18

Samjhdaar Lomdi (Wise Fox)

Story 19

Jungle Ka Raaja (King of Jungle)

Story 20

Teen Hiran (Three Deer)

Story 21

Jadooi Bel (Magical Ox)

Story 22

Laalchi Bandar (Greedy Monkey)

Story 23

Samajhdar Lion (Wise Lion)

Story 24

Lalchi Baagh (Greedy Tiger)

Story 25

Neela Geedad (Blue Jackal)

Story 26

Unth aur Siyar (Camel and Jackal)

Story 27

Sher aur Lombdi (Lion and Fox)

Story 28

Buddhiman Lombi (Wise Fox)

Story 29

Oonth aur Zebra (Camel and Zebra)

Story 30

Murkh Gaddha aur Geedad (Foolish Donkey and Jackal)

Story 31

Baagh aur Shaturmurgh (Tiger and Ostrich)

Story 32

Chaalak Hiran (Clever Deer)

Story 33

Murkh Bandar aur Jugnu (Foolish Monkey and Firefly)

Story 34

Chatur Khargoosh (Clever Rabbit)

Story 35

Aalsi Sher (Lazy Lion)

Story 36

Matlabi Sher (Selfish Lion)

Story 37

Samajhdar Bakri (Wise Goat)

Story 38

Maindak aur Bail (Frog and Ox)

Story 39

Mehenti Chittiyan (Hardworking Ants)

Story 40

Billi ke Gale Mein Ghanti (Who will Bell the Cat)

Story 41

Jaise ko taisa (Tit for tat)

Story 42

Biliyon ke ladai mein Bandar raja

Story 43

Jiska Kaam Usi ko Saje aur Kare to Danka Saje

Story 44

Chalak Lomdi (Clever Fox)

Story 45

Batak ke Bacchon ko Tairna Nahi Sikhate

Story 46

Chidiyan aur Cheel (Sparrows and Eagle)

Story 47

Laalach ka Fal Bura (Greed’s result is bad)

Story 48

Ghamandi ka Sar Neecha

Story 49

Batuni Kachua (Talkative Tortoise)

Story 50

Dost ko Pehchano (Identify your Friend)

Story 51

Ghamandi Gadha (Greedy Donkey)

Story 52

Ghamandi Lakadbaggha (Greedy Woodcutter)

Story 53

Mehenti Bandar Aalsi Hiran (Hardworking Monkey Lazy Deer)

Story 54

Aasteen Ka Saap

Story 55

Samajhdar Chuha (Smart Mouse)

Story 56

Pradhan ka Chunav

Story 57

Ghamandi Gadha (Greedy Donkey)