Grandma’s Audio Stories (Nani ki Kahaniyan)

Bring Joy and Spread Positivity to Your Kids during the Current Pandemic Times

Grandma Stories – Most of us have grown up listening to them, sitting on her lap or at bed time. As a 6 year old could not see his grandparents for months together during the current lock down, his grandma decided to make constructive use of technology to research, memorise, record and send audio stories to him everyday.

When we discovered that listening to these audio stories over and over again is joyfully engaging him and many other kids for hours together during the current Pandemic times, we decided to share them with the larger LitJoys community…

To help other moms and dads to give their kids a break from online classes and screen time while working peacefully at home or wanting their ‘me’ time, improve their Hindi Vocabulary and above all, teach them some good morals!

Story 1

Gittu tota, tinni murgi, chuchu chuha ( Gittu Parrot, Tinni Hen and Chuchu Mouse)

Story 38

Proud Deer (Ghamandi Hiran)

Story 37

3 Friends – Rabbit, Fox & Panda (Teen Dost – Khargosh, Lomdi aur Panda)

Story 36

Lion – The King of Jungle (Sher- Jungle ka Raaja)

Story 35

Story 34

Story 33

Baakri aur bache (Mumma Goat and Baby Goats)

Story 31

Parrot and Mango Tree (Tota aur Aam Ka Ped)

Story 30

Two Friends – Lion and Tiger (Do Dost – Sher aur Baagh)

Story 29

Bear in a Forest (Jungle mein Bhalu)

Story 28

Fox and Deer (Lomdi aur Hiran)

Story 28

Langda Ghodha (Lame Horse)

Story 27

Dhokebaaz Billi (Rookie Cat)

Story 26

White Rabbit and Green Parrot (Safed Khargosh aur Hara Tota)

Story 25

Golden Elephant (Sona ka Hathi)

Story 24

Small Parrot (Nanha Tota)

Story 23

Chaalak Lomdi (Clever Fox)

Story 21

Samjhdaar Lomdi (Wise Fox)

Story 20

Jungle Ka Raaja (King of Jungle)

Story 19

Ekta Mein Bal (Unity in Strength)

Story 18

Jadooi Bel (Magical Ox)

Story 17

Laalach Buri Bula (

Story 16

Samajhdar Lion (Wise Lion)

Story 15

Lalchi Baagh (Greedy Tiger)

Story 14

Neela Geedad (Blue Jackal)

Story 13

Jaise Karni Waisi Bharni (As you sow, so shall you reap)

Story 12

Sher aur Lombdi (Lion and Fox)

Story 11

Buddhiman Lombi (Wise Fox)

Story 10

Oonth aur Zebra (Camel and Zebra)

Story 9

Murkh Gaddha aur Geedad (Foolish Donkey and Jackal)

Story 8

Baagh aur Shaturmurgh (Tiger and Ostrich)

Story 7

Chaalak Hiran (Clever Deer)

Story 6

Murkh Bandar aur Jugnu (Foolish Monkey and Firefly)

Story 5

Chatur Khargoosh (Clever Rabbit)

Story 4

Aalsi Sher (Lazy Lion)

Story 2

Matlabi Sher (Selfish Lion)

Story 1

Samajhdar Bakri (Wise Goat)