Birthdays are special for both children and parents. While kids are looking forward to receiving gifts from their friends, moms are often looking for unique and innovative return gifts to make their party and the kids faces shine. Many of us, who have become environmentally conscious, are looking for eco-friendly return gifts, while others are looking for books to nurture readers or something unique because they don’t want to give usual stationery or plastic items.

We bring to you gifts of joy, which not only will bring smiles to the faces of kids, but also help in nurturing the habit of reading, expanding the world view of little explorers and providing an opportunity to preserve their precious travel and childhood memories. More than eco-friendly gifts, why not gift them something that changes their behaviours and builds eco-friendly habits and values? Why not gift children a brighter future instead of fancy gifts wrapped in bright wrapping papers?

All LitJoys gifts are packaged in reusable bags or pouches, so if you chose to order them you also get blessings from Mother Earth for sending less waste to the landfills!

We are happy to offer bulk quantity discounts for our following products. Contact us at chat support to avail your bulk discount coupons for ordering these products.

1.Save the World – Unique Behaviour Changing Games

Age Group: 4- 9 yrs INR 200 (for orders of 15 or more including reusable bag)

2. City of Stars Storybook – Unique and innovative 12 real-life stories (written in conversation style) for kids and their families for a greener, cleaner and healthier planet

Age Group: 5-12 yrs INR 250 (for orders of 15 or more) + INR 60 (for reusable sling bag )

3. Little Collector’s Passport with Sticker Booklet (Stamps and Flags of 48 countries across the world)

Age Group: 3 to 12 yrs INR 300 (for orders of 15 or more) packaged in a satin pouch

4. Apple Food Menu – An Innovative Activity Game to Reduce Junk Food Intake and Screen Addiction

Age Group: 3 to 9 yrs INR: 400 (for orders of 15 or more including reusable bag)