“Today was fabulous…We enjoyed listening to the interesting story and talk on our current pollution situation. Thank you for reading to us during the Book Week.”

– Teacher, British SchoolNew Delhi

“It was a pleasure to have you in the school with your team today for a workshop on indoor air pollution. Your team conducted a wonderful session for grade 2 students enriching them with the cause, effect and the ways to prevent indoor air pollution. It was a delight to see our students interacting and participating equally with your team. You took care of each minute detail as per their interest by using the props and storytelling.
We look forward to more of such sessions, with you in the future.”

-Team Lead (Grade 2), Kunskapsskolan School, Gurugram

The “WORKSHOP ON ENERGY SAVING AND LIGHT POLLUTION” was organized for the students of Class V to make children aware, considerate and responsible towards the Environment. The session was taken by Ms. EktaOhri, Founder “Lit Joys”. The session was enjoyed by the children and the thoughts of the Author were well imparted to the children.

-Librarian, DPS International SchoolDelhi


“My 7 year old daughter Aarika is in love with your book City of Stars,’ which was recommended by her school. She regularly reads it and makes both us, her parents, indulge in the reading. Aarika becomes Abdu, and all of us recite the dialogues of respective mother and father. I would like to thank you for writing this excellent book which has so much pertinent learning on topical issues for us urban dwellers.”

– Saurabh Bhardwaj, Father of a 7 year old

City of Stars’ is a beautiful book by LitJoys. I am impressed how they have tried to cover every topic revolving around sustainability, in one book. My daughter loves the Waste Segregation chapter because we are following the same at home as well. Every time we read she draws the three bins. We take one topic a day from the book. And this came right at the Diwali time being around the corner, this book surely help in starting conversations about noise and pollution free Diwali! Thank you LitJoys for curating this book.

– Kamana Gautam, Mother of a 6 year old

“I had given up hope on 5 year old ever eating fruits and veggies…But the Apple Food Menu Game has sparked an interest in her…even if it is to beat me and get more red apple stickers, I am happy that she is getting interested in understanding about good eating habits and trying to improve. Really nice concept.”

– Trupti Tapasi, Mother of a 5 year old

Little Collector’s Passport is one of the best buys I had for my 3.5 year old. He was so excited to see this, as this a really colourful, and has amazing stamps from all around the world. My son, is able to interact with the places we travel now, right from the flag of the country, what did we see, what were the main areas, culture, food etc. The product is well made and quality is great and has become my son’s constant companion, so much so, I had to buy one for my daughter, who is 8 and now I think, i’ll buy more for gifting my friend’s kids. A must buy for any parent who wants their kids to have a deeper experience of the travel that they do and help parents to show the world in a more structured manner.

– Paurush Sharma, Father of a 3.5 and 8 year old

My Gulmohar Tree And I can easily sum it up in 2 simple words ‘Pure Joy’. The concept is brilliant & very unique. It all begins with a very interesting story book that teaches not just about the Gulmohar Tree but also touches upon emotions such as nurturing & appreciating the glory of nature. My 4 year old loved the visuals & also learnt about continents & seasons. Such is the expanse of the book.

Once you’ve completed reading the book, the DIY kit is literally nothing like what I’ve seen before. Most of the elements are derived from Nature & very easy to use. My son enjoyed pasting with lentils and saw dust to make words & stamping to create a tree. A lot of the activities can be actually done outdoors, in a park. How cool is that? I also realised that the elements of the kit, promote tactile and sensory engagement even outside the parameters of the kit. Such an excellent idea to keep kids busy on a cold winter day, or even otherwise, to just keep their mind away from the maddening gadgets. Highly recommended by a very happy mom.

– Divya Sethi, Mother of 5 year old

We just finished making our own Travel Diary on Mexico by LitJoys, which was much more than just a crafting book. It gave us a chance to tell and weave a travel story along with our child. The package provided all details, stickers, and applique materials to explain the culture of this country, their national monuments, animals, and flowers. The story is simplified for young kids and it is really up to parents on how much educational information to share with their kids.

My baby Shannon is youngest of the LitJoys customers, she is only 22 months old, and could handle the craft work only with my help and supervision, but she really enjoyed handling tiniest pieces (e.g., using red bindi dots (also provided in the package) to trace the title of the book and page numbers – so great for fine motor skills. Thank you LitJoys for a wonderful and fun activity, we really enjoyed with our baby Shannon.

– Katerina Folkman, Mother of a 3 year old