Travel Diaries


This summer before you take off or plan your next holiday to explore another country, come and bond as a family, learn about national and cultural symbols of 18 different countries across the world, and build a travel story of your own to enrich the holiday experience in a Lit – Bonding family experiential learning workshop.

Each child will experience a travel story, build his/her own Travel Diary on a particular country and get to make new friends along the journey along with their parents, through a combination of group games and individual creative activities during the workshop. Your child and you can continue to create the Travel Diary at home during summer break to enrich the learning process.

USA . Canada. Mexico. Brazil . Peru. Iceland . Russia . Holland . Tanzania . Morocco . South Africa . Vietnam . Japan . China. Thailand. Turkey . Australia . New Zealand

Workshop 1: May 14th, 2017, Exotica Condominiums, Gurgaon

“This was our second workshop with Litjoys and was truly fantastic as well.
My 3 year old and I had a great time. We love to travel with our toddler and want her to appreciate and marvel at the world around u and wanted her to experience the diversity around us. Starting from the diverse group for the workshop, kids of various ages and parents from different walks of life to the diverse animals and birds of different countries! This workshop achieved just that, helped her appreciate the diverse countries, their culture, the flora and fauna and even the difference in climate through fun and engaging activities!”

– Mother of a 3.5 year old

Parent Workshops

Our founder, Ekta Ohri, has been conducting workshops with parents (moms and dads) to guide them on how to raise healthier, happier kids by incorporating LitJoys learning and parenting philosophy into their everyday life.

The workshops aim to address the following areas:

  1. Ways to develop open communication and empathy between parents and their children
  2. Ways to instil the right values in children (e.g., inclusion, eco-friendly living, loving all living beings, love for nature)
  3. Ways to model appropriate behaviours and actions as parents are the best role models for their children
  4. Ways to deal with parenting challenges, including the ones the pandemic has brought up 

Workshop 1 : Transport Tales: From Carriages to Cars

Workshop 2: Nature-Nurture Talks: Trees, Greens, and more

Workshop 3: Travel Diaries

Workshop 4: Earth and Environment Workshop