Designed for Children Across Age Groups (3 to 7 years)

Lit Tales are real life stories based in different parts of the world that you and your little ones can read, experience, and create together using everyday and natural materials – to imbibe new values and behaviours, enjoy constructive and creative conversations, and learn about new contexts and cultures together as a family.

includes props designed based on understanding of natural behaviours and psychology of children 

  1. Printed story book to read and experience a theme based tale
  2. Custom designed book for creating theme based story and related concepts using everyday and natural materials                                                                                        
  3. Cards for inventing your own stories based on interesting facts about key topic areas

The custom designed creative books are designed in a way that your little ones can proudly display their creations. The calendar format allows display of different pages so that your child can continue to ask questions based on their creations, which ensures better retention of the learning concepts.