About LitJoys

LitJoys is a value-creating learning initiative that connects children (4-10 yrs) to nature and nurtures them to become responsible, compassionate and happier human beings.

Connecting children to nature enhances their observation skills, makes them more curious and hones their ability to think on their own instead of rote learning. We believe that children who grow up to be happier can create value by contributing to society and thus, end up becoming bigger achievers who lead a more fulfilling life than the ones who only excel in studies. 

By instilling values of wisdom, compassion and courage in kids from an early age, our books and other learning activities help in addressing old and new parenting challenges that the pandemic has brought up as well as societal issues.

Besides passing on the values to hundreds of children through school workshops, we are also mentoring budding child authors to enhance their abilities to think while writing or illustrating and publish some of their work which aligns with our core values.

Along with kids, we sensitize parents about how to raise healthier, happier children as they are the best role models for their children. Parents also experience many little moments of joy (LitJoys), learning and unlearning together with their children through our books and workshops resulting in happier families.

Watch how LitJoys Journey Began