About LitJoys

LitJoys is a learning venture, that designs value-creating storybooks and behaviour-changing games for kids across age groups (3-12 yrs).

  • Inculcate habits and values to make kids responsible, compassionate, healthier, and happier human beings
  • Connect to nature and learn from real-life experiences to bring back the original joys of childhood
  • Enhance observation to fuel curiosity and nurture kids to become sharp thinkers and better innovators and not just smarter students

LitJoys books and activities also save children from modern-day “toxic childhood”- addiction to screens, plastic toys, and junk food. The learning content is designed in a way that parents can also learn something new and experience many little moments of joy (LitJoys), learning and unlearning together with their children. The books and learning activities are designed in a simple, fun, and intuitive way that not only involve mothers but also fathers in their child’s learning and improves family bonding significantly.

Our Product Story – “Less is More”

We launch selective products every year as we spend months to conceptualise an idea, research, design, test our products based on a deep understanding of child and parent psychology and behaviours. Our intent behind every product is to create maximum value by nurturing the joy of learning in children, making parents’ lives easier and the world a better place.



Ekta Ohri founded LitJoys in 2017 because she was greatly moved by the concept of “Toxic Childhood” – how addiction to screens, plastic toys and junk food is impacting  learning, development and mental and physical health of children. Ekta has a background in architecture, visual and critical studies and anthropology and spends a great deal of time in researching and designing learning products based on deep understanding of child and parent psychology and behaviours. Ekta is also the author of two children’s books and has conducted several author speak sessions in schools across India. She is a mother of a 6 year old boy who is an avid reader, nature lover and a keen observer!

Ekta has several years of experience designing products, services, spaces and systems, to address business and social innovation challenges of multilateral, bilateral, nonprofit and corporate organisations worldwide. She has worked across sectors (education, healthcare, financial services, agriculture) in India and other emerging economies, with a particular focus on early grade reading related issues.


Mrs Dutta 20160722_001253A pioneer in ‘School Readiness’ and ‘Strengthening of Primary Education’, Mrs Perminder Dutta has more than 45 years of experience in primary education. She has been the founder of K.V Airports Authority of India, Rangpuri. With an academic background in english literature, sociology, and education, she has written numerous papers on subjects, such as ‘Parenting and Child Responsibilities, ‘Getting Ready for School’, and ‘Child Friendly Initiation to School’. Mrs Dutta also holds a Fulbright award for Development of Cross-Cultural Understanding and English Literacy.