Our founder, Ekta Ohri, has been conducting workshops with parents (moms and dads) to guide them on how to raise healthier, happier kids by incorporating LitJoys learning and parenting philosophy into their everyday life.

The workshops aim to address the following areas:

  1. Ways to develop open communication and empathy between parents and their children
  2. Ways to instil the right values in children (e.g., inclusion, eco-friendly living, loving all living beings, love for nature)
  3. Ways to model appropriate behaviours and actions as parents are the best role models for their children
  4. Ways to deal with parenting challenges, including the ones the pandemic has brought up 

Workshop 1 : Transport Tales: From Carriages to Cars

Workshop 2: Nature-Nurture Talks: Trees, Greens, and more

Workshop 3: Travel Diaries

Workshop 4: Earth and Environment Workshop

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