Travel Diary

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“Travel Diary is so well thought of and engaging. I just loved the way it opened kids minds and piqued their curiosity. It is a good mix of  ‘getting our hands messy’ and learning done in an absolute fun way. In the blaze of banal (and highly commercial and very similar) activity boxes in the market, this product truly stands out. Can’t wait to order some more for the summer.” – Himani Bahuguna, mother of a 3 year old daughter

I love the fact that Travel Diary provides me an opportunity to have those constructive and creative conversations with my child, which are so rare in our faced paced lives! What my son loves the most about the Travel Diary is the craft work. I think he finds it immensely fascinating! Each and every page that we create is HIS expression. There is no template that forces him to think or present his thoughts in a certain way. The beauty of it is that it provides a very engaging medium to all of us to spend time together as a family. I cannot delegate the making of the Diary to anyone else, except my own husband maybe, and that’s something that I am very happy about 🙂            – Priyanka Jaitly, mother of a 5 year old son

Book InsideTravel Diary is an interactive personalised story co-created by your little one and you on travel to a particular country. Designed in the shape of a circle (signifying the spherical earth) and opening out in four directions (N,S,E,W) like a flower, your child and you will learn about national (bird, animal, monument, flower) and cultural (food, music, sport, souvenir, currency) symbols of a particular country while co-creating the travel diary. Your child will also learn concepts linked to the travel theme (e.g., continents, modes of transport) and countries (e.g., flag colours, shape of country) while making the diary using materials in a variety of colours and textures.






Priyanka diary

As your child discerns the shape of a circle in a number of everyday things (coins, bindis, straws, bhindi, buttons) while creating this diary, his/her visual perceptual skills will be enhanced. Fine motor skills of younger children will also be further developed while making the alphabets with bindis, whereas older children will get an opportunity to enhance their creative writing skills while expressing their perception of their travel experience.

USA . Canada . Brazil . Peru . Iceland . Russia . Holland . Tanzania . South Africa . Vietnam . Japan . China. Thailand . Turkey . Australia

Age Group: 3.5 to 8 years Price: INR 899 + shipping

Shipping in Delhi-NCR and other cities of India. Place an order for your copy here. For further queries, please drop us an email at





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