Lit Tales are real life stories based in different parts of the world that you and your little ones can read, experience, and create together using everyday and natural materials – to imbibe new behaviours, enjoy constructive conversations, and learn about new contexts and cultures together as a family.

Designed for Children Across Age Groups (3 to 7 years)

Categorised based on interests and passions of both children and parents

Travel . Nature. Animals. Underwater. Sports/Games. Outer space. Music. Dance. Food. Culture.

includes props designed based on understanding of natural behaviours and psychology of children 

  1. Printed story book to read and experience a theme based tale
  2. Custom designed book for creating theme based story and related concepts using everyday and natural materials.                                                                                        The calendar format of the customised book allows display of different concept pages to ensure continuous learning and greater retention of the learning concepts
  3. Cards for inventing your own stories based on interesting facts about key topic areas
  • Explain learning concepts to your child in a fun and innovative way
  • Imbibe new behaviours (e.g., interaction with nature, love for eating greens )
  • Enhance key skills  (attention to detail, observation and visual perception, fine motor skills, and increased attention span)
  • Encourage creative thinking and build aesthetic sensibility at a young age


  • Real life stories around the world
  • New and interesting facts linked to different topics


  • Key concepts linked to everyday life (e.g., changes in trees in different seasons)


  • Key concepts and facts in an innovative form for better retention


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