Lit-Creations are customised and personalised interactive stories co-created by your little ones and you or their older siblings using everyday and/or natural materials that help you learn and make beautiful memories together.

Each child can select a different topic linked to the theme and experience the joy of weaving a story around their own self /character. Different creative interactions (from craft to painting) built into the same story will engage your child for a longer period of time and help in fostering their creativity from a very young age. Touch, view, and feel of a variety of colours and textures while creating the story will provide a rich multi-sensorial experience and aid the cognitive development of your child.

Designed on the principles of learning through repetition, these creations will not only help your child better understand and retain different concepts linked to a particular theme, but also other basic concepts of alphabets, numbers, words, colours, and directions. Ideas shared in the creation can also be easily implemented outside of it, to reinforce the learning and extend to other areas. The content is designed in a way that even parents too get to learn something new along with their children.

Creating these stories bit by bit, page by page, will keep your child engaged for weeks together and provide you an alternate way of being a part of the learning experience of your child on a regular basis, besides reading to them. You will also be able to build a true appreciation for books among your lit joys (little children) as they enjoy reading more about the topics they have explored.

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