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Read a Tale – Create your Own Tale

Lit- Tales are customised and personalised real life stories based in different parts of the world, which are read and co-created by your little ones and you using everyday and natural materials to learn new concepts and make beautiful memories together.

A combination of a story with instructions and a book to create or craft, Lit Tales are designed for children across mixed age groups (3 to 7  years). The same design can be adapted for independent learning or expression of creativity for older children and guided learning for younger children.

The real life stories are plotted in a way that they help in enhancing observation skills, attention to detail, and visual perceptual skills of children. They also help in influencing behaviours of children to make parenting challenges easier.

Touch, feel, view of a variety of everyday and natural materials while creating the book help in grabbing their attention for long and provide a rich multi-sensorial experience. The design also helps in enhancing their fine motoric skills of small children.

Every child will be able to create each page of the tale in their own unique way using their own imagination without any fixed template,  which will help in fostering their creativity from a very young age. Older children also get an opportunity to freely pen down their thoughts and perceptions after creating each page, enhancing their creative writing skills.

Each page of a lit-tale is designed in a way that children get to learn a different concept linked to a particular theme in a fun and innovative way while creating it. The content allows parents to also learn something new so that they can joyfully read and create the tale with their children.

Creating these stories bit by bit, page by page, will help you have rich and meaningful conversations with your child and keep your child engaged for weeks together.

You will also be able to build a true love for reading among your lit joys (little children) as they enjoy reading real life stories about the topics they have experienced and/or created in real time.

And finally, personalisation and the joy of creating their own book, will make your child go back to it again and again, reinforcing the principle of learning through repetition.

Tale 1 – Travel Diary 


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