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While there is abundance of research demonstrating the significance of parental involvement in early childhood years, many modern day urban families, across the world, struggle to spend quality time with their children.

Many parents resort to engaging children through gadgets as they lack the inspiration to do anything else,  which become addictive before they realise and result in toxic childhood. Those, who try to engage their little children without gadgets, often find themselves lacking interesting ideas (outside of toys, flashcards, rhymes) to keep their children engaged in meaningful learning experiences at home. Others, who get involved in workshops or other such activities for children outside of home, often complain of boredom as most of them are child centric.  

Our team of moms at LitJoys is designing innovative learning ideas that

  • engage children through everyday & natural physical environment as opposed to expensive toys
  • promote child driven reading as opposed to adult driven storytelling
  • foster creativity of children from a very young age
  • foster learning through human relationships as opposed to digital interactions
  • provide learning opportunity for both child and parents 

to nurture families that spend quality time and provide a richer learning experience to their child through these little moments of joys (litjoys).

If you want to be a LitJoys family, please join the LitJoys community to get ideas around how to create joyful  and richer learning experiences with your child or share your own LitJoys moments with other families.

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