“That boy looks a lot like me”!!!! – Learning to Read through Visual Associations

I have always, ever since I could read, loved to spend hours reading books, leafing through magazines, and anything that attracted my visual perceptions of the world around. As a mother of three very active kids I have always wished for them to have the same love for books that I have grown up with. While my son always liked listening to stories, I always found it challenging to inspire him to read by himself even though he is 6 years old now.


So it came as a surprise when one day I found Ethan sitting with a book quietly in a corner. Upon close observation I saw him reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which I had bought for myself. This went on for a number of days till one day I sat down with him and asked “ do you like this book”? and he said Mumma I love reading this book with all the drawings in it, and that boy looks a lot like me”!!!!

He loves the quirky illustrations in the book the different fonts and the artistic interpretation . The concept that a kid puts his thoughts down in a diary somehow captured Ethan’s attention so much so that we find him doodling on paper , or making cards for his friends. Now we love to pour over these books together and I find Ethan making the effort to read from billboards, magazines, newspaper words that catch his attention.

– Pallavi Fernandez, mother of a 6 year old boy

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