Key Differentiators – Social and Behaviour Change

Family Bonding and Learning

Lit-Bonding workshops allows both parents (mother and father) get to spend quality time with their children and bond as a family in a whole new way. Involvement of both father and mother allows for a well-rounded learning and development of  child.

The themes and content of LitJoys services (workshops) and products are designed in a way that both child and parents get to learn something new so that parents can better engage with their children.

Learning through Everyday and Natural Environment

Through the use of natural (leaves, stones, dals, feathers) and everyday (bindis, buttons) materials that children love playing with, LitJoys products provide a rich tactile experience to little children and enhance their development process.

These materials are able to grasp their attention for a longer period of time, allowing children to focus better while engaging with the learning content.

Through the design of outdoor games and activities, LitJoys workshops provide an increased opportunity for outdoor play and to learn from natural environment and outdoor settings (e.g., amphitheater, monuments, gardens etc).

Mixed Age Group Play and Learning

LitJoys workshops allow children of mixed age group to interact and learn from each other, which helps in enhancing their social skills by allowing them to make friends and learn from children across age groups.

LitJoys products are designed in a way that children across age groups can enjoy making them. A younger child can also create them with their older sibling thus allowing for better bonding and learning.


Child Driven Experiential Reading as opposed to Adult Based Storytelling

Lit Joys designs provide children an opportunity to experience and interact with a particular theme first, which helps in getting them more interested in reading books linked to them as they have experienced the concept in real time.

As each child has different interests, allowing every child to self-select a different topic and book linked to a particular theme helps in building a greater love for reading as opposed to reading the same book to all children in adult driven storytelling sessions.

Book crafting at home also helps in building a greater inclination for reading printed books on similar topic as children are able to connect better with them.

By promoting increased parent-child interaction and bonding with children of mixed age groups, engaging children using everyday and natural materials as opposed to plastic toys, building a love for reading and playing with physical materials instead of digital media, LitJoys designs help in preventing Toxic Childhood and take a step forward towards social and behavioural change.

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