Lit-Bonding Workshops

Experience & Create Real Life Stories

Age Group – 3 to 7 years

For three hours on a weekend, abandon your devices and come and spend quality time bonding as a family (child & parents) in a theme based family experiential learning workshop, involving a combination of group experiential activities and family book crafting activities.

dppx_152Every child will get to experience the story linked to the theme through simple, fun, and innovative group activities and games, specifically designed to allow children of mixed age groups to interact and learn from each other and their parents.

5.Mera wala tree.JPGDuring the course of the workshop, children get to learn about several topics within the theme. The content is designed in a way that even parents too get to learn something new along with their children. Children and their parents can continue to co-create the story at home to continue the learning process.

7c.BMAt the end of it all, both children and their parents will walk away with new learning, new set of friends, and, more importantly, a special type of bonding.





Workshop 1 : Transport Tales: From Carriages to Cars

Workshop 2: Nature-Nurture Talks: Trees, Greens, and more

Workshop 3: Travel Diaries

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