Signs of Screen Addiction in Children

  1. Throwing tantrums – If a child has an addiction to screen, they will throw a fit if you take it away — at any age.
  2. Lack of appropriate communication or social skills – They refuse to communicate or look up from the screen when a family member or stranger tries to talk to them.
  3. Aggressive or obstinate behaviour – Mainstreaming of aggression prompts kids to think that violent behaviour is a normal way to deal with and solve problems. They also refuse to listen to their parents  or talk rudely to them as they think it is a norm.
  4. Difficulty in falling sleep or having a sound sleep – The light that emits from a screen suppresses the sleep hormone melatonin, and shifts the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle.
  5. Lack of attention – Children who are addicted to screens often find it difficult to pay attention or listen to teacher for more than 5-10 minutes in classroom settings. Some studies also indicate that babies and toddlers parked in front of the TV have a much higher risk of developing ADHD by age 7.

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