Parent Experiences – Impact of Screen Addiction

Case Example 1

My daughter started watching TV when she was 6 months old. I used to go to office then and she would often watch Hindi TV serials with my mother-in-law. When she was 5 years old I realised she had become addicted to TV and as a consequence had become very rude and disobedient. I decided to quit my job and stay at home to engage her in other learning activities. I even cut the cable connection at home for 3 months. However, during the Diwali month when I got busy in other household activities, she started watching videos on ipad. One day she came to me and asked Mumma “Why does it pain when baby is in mumma’s tummy?” Completely shocked by this question and the content she was viewing,  I decided to restart the TV connection as  it is easier to screen content and I do not know how else to engage her when I am busy with household work.

Case Example 2

I started showing YouTube videos to my son over a desktop screen when he was one year old while working to make him sit next to me and yet learn and enjoy. The smile on his face brought great joy to me but when he turned 2 I realised it had become addiction. He had stopped responding to people when they tried communicating to him as he was busy watching videos on my mobile phone. I decided to completely stop phone usage, but he would often revolt throwing a big tantrum. Now I show him YouTube videos while feeding him as he would otherwise refuse to eat, but the viewing time often extends from 15 minutes to 45 minutes in each instance as he continues to watch them even after meal time is over.

Case Example 3

I did not expose my son to any technology till he was 2 years old. Then one fine day when I had to go out of town to attend a wedding and my husband also stepped out for some work, my father in law showed him the all famous Lakdi ki Kathi video on phone for about 30 minutes. After that day, he would often demand to see that video again and again. My son would throw a tantrum when we switched of the video, no matter how long he had watched. If he saw us on the phone or laptop, he would insist on watching. Finally we had to stop all video watching for him and have to distract him every time he saw a phone.


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