Transport Tales: From Carriages to Cars


This Gandhi Jayanti join us for our first workshop where you will get hands on experience of creating a book with your child and an opportunity to explore and learn together. Besides learning about Gandhi’s chakra, your child will understand the relationship between ancient (slow animals) and modern (fast vehicles) means of transport and concept of zebra crossing, traffic lights, and more. You and your child will walk back home with new set of concepts, words, books, friends, and more importantly, a new type of bonding. In the end, you can enjoy some sweets and savouries and discuss your favourite reading/learning experiences or challenges with other parents.


Workshop 1: 2nd Oct 2016, Exotica Condominiums, Gurgaon

“The first workshop on ‘Transport Tales’ was a great experience for me and my 4 year old son. It actually gave me ideas about how to explain time and direction to him.”

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