Fun with Numbers

IMG_20160826_161550 (2).jpgAlthough my son is quick at reciting and writing numbers, he lacks the patience of counting things. More often than not, he skips a thing or two while counting. When I ask him to count the number of pictures on a wall, he ends up just saying the numbers without really pointing at each one of them. To help him build the patience to point at things one by one and count accordingly, I invented ‘Fun with Numbers’ game.

I collected everyday things available at home like pillows, pens, pencils, toys, chick peas, bowls, and glasses. I asked my son to count these things not by pointing at them, but collecting them one by one and handing over to me. It seems that the trick worked as doing things with own hands was a lot more fun. I also encouraged him to write the corresponding number on a paper, so that he could simultaneously practice writing the numbers 1 to 10 as well.

Given his love for fast paced things, I encourage him to do the activity with each number within the count of 10 to make it more exciting. I think his patience was tested the most when I asked him to get 8 chick peas which he had to count twice as he did not count them right the first time! As I play this game with him more and more with higher numbers in future, it will also help him enhance his hand-eye coordination.

– Mother of a 4 year old boy 

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