Bag of Words

IMG-20160808-WA0000I have been fascinated with handbags since I was a child (have a collection of different colours, sizes, and shapes), and as genes would have it so is my one and a half year old daughter. One evening, when I walked in extremely tired after a long day at work,  I just dropped my bag open on the chair for a quick trip to the washroom. My daughter, who was apparently busy playing with clay with her nanny, didn’t miss this opportunity of exploring and within seconds everything from the bag was out on the floor.  When I returned and looked at the scene it appeared as if the house had been ransacked. Completely oblivious to the mess she had created, my daughter though was curiously staring and looking at every booty item she managed to grab.

It struck me then that it was a fantastic opportunity to make her learn a few new words. Besides naming all the items in the bag for her, I started discussing their application and use to make her remember the words. We had been 10 mins into this exercise and she now knew words like  perfume, sanitizer , pen, coins and ATM slips J.  There hasn’t been a party since then when she hasn’t asked me to apply some perfume on her and every time we are eating out she asks me to apply some sanitizer on her hand as the words and the applications have stuck in her mind.

– Supriya Uppal Kumar, mother of 19 month old daughter


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