The Train of Boats

Rains evoke a feeling of nostalgia and the first thing you think of  when trapped at home with a two year old is paper boats. While my son showed no joy in the act of making, he insisted on placing them in water as and when a new one was created. With very little water and no opportunity to float, lining them like a ‘train’, in the order of big to small, next to the bedroom door became a new game to explore.


And just as he was losing interest in the game, the bell rang with his four  year old friend from the building showing up at the door as he had also lost the opportunity of outdoor play. The train of boats moved to the living room now, where his friend lined them on the rails of the door. Observing his friend place the train on a track, my little boy also wanted to play the same act. This time around, in the third attempt, he managed to place most boats in the right sequence, with the exception of  a white one, which his older friend helped in fixing for him. While the boys never played with toys together, at last they indulged in a group play act.

IMG_20160728_204446.jpgAt the end of the day, the train of boats moved to the dining room where it was dismantled and the boats were placed one inside another. As the boat was now perceived as a vessel of things, a bunch of beans and peas were picked up by the little fingers and placed inside the container. The next day the rains continued and so did the joy as a big boat was made and placed on the head as a cowboy hat.


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