The Story behind the Name

When I think of the design of everyday things, the first thing that comes to mind is the house besides the book by Donald Norman, which has been one of my greatest inspirations as a designer.

Thus, while naming the initiative I started thinking of names that go well with house. The word lighthouse first came to my imagination, which was soon followed by lithouse.

I got stuck to the word Lit as it represents little, light (from learning),and literature.

Small Joys was the name of the theme that me and my team designed while consulting for a client in 2012. The name stayed with me for years as it represented finding joy in the mundane, everyday moments of life.

After becoming a parent, it became obvious that the happy spontaneous moments we steal from our fast-paced and chaotic lives are often linked to learning experiences with our children.

And thus the name LitJoys was coined.

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