Why Ipad is Far Bigger Threat to Children?

ipad 2“Learning to read helps children learn to put ideas into logical order. On the other hand staring at screen puts their brains into suspended animation,”says Sue Palmer a renowned child psychologist, who predicted how dangerous technology can be for little children in her book Toxic Childhood 10 years ago.

In a recent article she not only talks about the harmful impact of technology on overall development of little children, but also how they are missing out on key life skills by becoming slaves to technology.

“It’s not just what children get up to onscreen that affects their overall development. It’s what screens displace – all the activities they’re not doing in the real world. Today’s children have far fewer opportunities for what I call ‘real play’. They are no longer learning through first-hand experiences how to be human and are much less likely to play or socialise outdoors or with others.

Some say children need to use technology because that’s the way the world is going. But there’s no need to give little children high-tech devices. Modern technology develops at a phenomenal rate – any IT skills that children learn before the age of seven will be long past their sell-by date by the time they reach their teens. But self-confidence, emotional resilience, creative thinking, social skills and the capacity for focused thought will stand them in good stead whatever the future brings.”



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