Left Straw Right Spoon

It was one of those motherhood moments again, when my almost 2 year old son was fussing while eating and testing his vocal chords to call for his mom’s attention trying to work in the other room. As usual I decided to look for household objects to distract him considering my strict anti gadget policy. I went to the kitchen and decided to pick the colourful spoons from his utensils basket given his new found love for eating on his own through a spoon and recent ability to recognise primary and other colours (red,yellow, blue, green). My visual eye could not help but notice the matching colourful straws in the same basket.

So this time around instead of giving him the colourful spoons to eat I decided to play a new game. Green straw in left hand and green spoon in right. Round after round he picked up a colourful straw in left hand and matching spoon in right. And just like that he also learned the concept of left and right while finishing his last bite of meal.


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  1. What a creative and innovative idea in this world of digital gadgets.Well done!! Proud of you darling!!

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