About LitJoys

LitJoys is an early learning venture, which helps parents to nurture their little children (3-8 years) to become more aware, conscious and concerned human beings and healthier responsible citizens.

The learning experiences (products and services) designed by LitJoys take children away from modern day distractions of “toxic childhood”- addiction to screens, plastic toys, junk food and lack of parental involvement.  The designs enhance observation skills and cognitive thinking abilities of children by engaging them in real time experiences. They  bring children and their parents closer to nature and help parents in building healthy habits and values in their children that protect their health and environment from an early age. 

By making children READ.EXPERIENCE.CREATE real life stories based on a character they can associate with or record their other real life experiences (e.g., travel) in a fun and innovative way, the products intend to have a long lasting impact on them.  

The learning content is designed in a way that parents can also learn something new and experience many little moments of joy (LitJoys), learning and unlearning together with their little children.