About LitJoys

LitJoys is an early learning venture, which connects children to nature and nurtures them to become more aware, considerate, responsible and healthier human beings. The experiential learning products designed by LitJoys help in nurturing the joy of learning and build habits and values in children that make parents lives easier and the world a better place.  They also take children away from modern day “toxic childhood”- addiction to screens, plastic toys, junk food and lack of parental involvement. The learning content is designed in a way that parents can also learn something new and experience many little moments of joy (LitJoys), learning and unlearning together with their children.


Ekta Ohri, the Founder of LitJoys, has a background in architecture, anthropology (Northwestern University) and visual and critical studies (California College of the Arts). She has several years of experience designing products, services, spaces and systems, to address business and social innovation challenges of multilateral, bilateral, non profit and corporate organisations worldwide. She has worked across sectors (education, healthcare, financial services, agriculture) in India and other emerging economies.

More importantly, she is a mother of a 5 year old and has been passionately reading to her son since he was 3 months old. She has been engaging him at home without any gadgets or other screens and raising him to become a nature lover and a responsible and considerate child!